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We enhance how people live by hand-crafting the finest prescription orthotics.

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Paragon Orthotic Laboratory Custom Orthotics Canada


Paragon offers a wide range of scanning technologies, suitable to every practice.

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Paragon Orthotic Laboratory Custom Orthotics Canada

Custom Orthotics

Paragon has a wide range of device types to choose from. Whatever your client needs for their orthotic therapy, we can make it.

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Paragon Orthotic Laboratory Custom Orthotics Canada

Our Company

Since 1975, Paragon has lead the way in the orthotic industry. We have helped over half a million patients get back on their feet! 

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Truly Custom. Everytime.

Our team is full of talented people who are dedicated to creating high quality orthotic devices. Bringing a solution to your patient through orthotic therapy is our mission, and we work as closely as needed with our clients to make sure that we deliver the best results every time.

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Craftsmanship Guarantee
Paragon's prescription foot orthoses conform to the “Anatomical Custom Foot Orthoses” classification as defined in PFOLA’s Technical Standards Definition Document.
○ Our orthoses are individually customized for each client.
○ Our CAD system does not pull pre-defined shapes from a "library".
○ We do not use pre-fabricated shells.

Paragon Orthotic Laboratory Custom Orthotics Canada

Cutting-edge Technology

We have partnered with some of North America's leading technology companies to provide better prescription tools for our clients, as well as implementing a state of the art manufacturing system for our team at the laboratory. The result on both ends is a higher degree of accuracy and quality.

Paragon Orthotic Laboratory Custom Orthotics Canada

Technology Partnerships
We constantly seek out new technologies to incorporate into our production system, and to offer our client's for their casting systems. Across North America, we have partnered with the companies who are breaking new ground in custom foot orthotics.

3D Scanners

Depending on the requirements of your practice, Paragon has the right 3D scanning solution for you. Please take a look below at our scanner options.

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Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about how our laboratory can work with your clinic.

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